Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting is a hot topic, heck why wouldn’t you want to source candidates for free? With the plethora of social sites and channels you would think it would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.  In reality, social sourcing can be a huge time suck, people often jump in and out of social channels, LinkedIn groups and twitter without having a clear strategy.

I presented a webinar Rachel Chavez from LinkedIn on social sourcing.   Below is the content:

Social Recruiting, More Success For Less

There are many benefits to social sourcing but the most important thing is to have a plan.  Take a look at the presentation – I’ll have an updated version soon.

iPad after 5 weeks

The new car smell of my iPad has worn off but I still look forward to picking up my iPad and reading the latest headlines and catching up on reading my favorite blogs. It has become my go to device in the evening and the mornings (if I have time). I find that since giving up on newspapers ( the paper kind) that the iPad is a great substitute for my news, comics and entertainment fix.

The app store is now touting over 5,000 apps and I am constantly reviewing what new apps are available. I don’t understand why nobody offers a free trial? For many of the apps that are more than $0.99 why wouldn’t they offer a 5 day trial and I get billed automatically if I haven’t uninstalled the app? Downloads would go through the roof and consumers would be able to try before they buy. Maybe it’s coming – anyone know of any free trial apps from the app store?


Written and posted from my iPad

iPad app review

I have now owned my iPad for 24 hours and have had sufficient time to test out the free and some paid apps. Here is my run down on the apps:

1. Be careful of the app reviews (especially early on) many of the reviews seem to be from people who tried the app on their iPhone.
2. There are good reviews on the paid for apps (see Apples Pages, Numbers and Keynote). Biggest takeaway on these apps show how hard it is to convert these file types to Microsoft format. Like it or not, many businesses and schools use Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

A couple of great apps: iBook – easy to read and browse and the resolution is second to none (I own a Kindle and the iPad is much better). The news apps (USA Today, Reuters and AP) are great and using the iPad as a leisure device is living up to it’s reputation.

In a few weeks there will be more apps to choose from (fairly limited now) and I am looking forward to the social media apps like Facebook, Ning and instant messenger apps (AOL is available now).

I am writing this post from the WordPress.iPad app.


iPad – iLike

Saturday April 3, 2010.  I am finishing up some work from last week and as always have Tweetdeck open.  I quickly start to see the iPad tweets firing across my screen.  I have read the reviews, watched the keynotes and have had my eye on the elusive iPad since the initial announcement.  My biggest debate (with myself) is really do I need an iPad?

I read a article on about how the iPad is a leisure device and tend to agree.  Then I found this post from on buying decisions for an iPad and this flow chart that I don’t totally agree with but I like the concept.

Getting into the Apple store was something right out of a night club: lines outside (even through the inside wasn’t packed) giving the impression that many people want in.  After waiting for ten minutes we were led into the store.  I went straight for the iPad table to get my hands on the latest gadget from Apple.  I waited for another five minutes while the guy in front of me rotated the iPad giggling as the screen turned round and round (dude the iPhone table has no waiting and all the same fun rotating apps!).  Finally it was my turn..but wait..John from Apple jumped in front of me and asked if he could clean off the screen.  “Of course,” I said and noticed how finger smudged the screen was.  After a heavy polish worthy of the best shoeshine man I had my hands on the iPad….It felt good, comfortable in my hands and quick responding.

Then I decided to buy it…I got home and pulled the iPad from the bag..

It is awesome (as a leisure device and possibly a productivity device – I will be hard pressed to use this for business other than email).  Okay off to play with the apps for the iPad..more to follow on good apps and bad apps.

21 cool projects from Google Research

Peter Norvig – Director of Research at Google presented the keynote at SMX Expo.

Peter Norvig is a Fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and the Association for Computing Machinery. At Google Inc he was Director of Search Quality, responsible for the core web search algorithms from 2002-2005, and has been Director of Research from 2005 on.  At the SMX West conference he gave a keynote about what Google Research is working on, some of the big successes and what’s on the horizon.  This was written during the session.

21 projects from Google research in 15 minutes:

  1. Person Finder – after Chili earthquake.  Find and connect with loved ones that you cannot reach.
  2. PowerMeter – Plug in device and monitor how much power you are using each day.  People using cut power by 20%
  3. Earth Engine – Google Earth overlay – new deforestation, forest etc
  4. Trike and snowmobile for google maps
  5. User Photos in Streetview – user uploaded and geolocated
  6. Image Swirl – search query for similar images
  7. Web-Scale Image Annotation-  set of images and queries that trigger images and match them up (different languages)
  8. Image Rotation Captcha – making it easier…using image rotation…move to straight up
  9. Goggles – runs on phone w/camera and google with tell you what it is..or business card and make a contact
  10. Discoutinuous Video Scene-carving – modify aspect ratio for video
  11. Sharing Cluster Data – share data to academic community (data on jobs running in our clusters)
  12. App Inventor for android – introductory program development environment on how to program on the phones – high schools and colleges
  13. Speech Recognition – working now on phones
  14. Punctuation /Capitalization in Transcribed Speech
  15. Translating phone – coming…text translation through voice to text to language
  16. Low-Resource MT: Yiddish
  17. Sound Understanding – in development.  Go to Youtube – want something that sounds like a rooster…done with stabilized auditory image..image processing algorithms
  18. Google Squared – building a db of attributes by bundling together
  19. Clustering of words within a context – Whistler – all words associated
  20. Attribute Extraction – Basic foods and attributes associated
  21. Browser Size – overlay over any web page. Show what percentage of browsers can view the page

Norvig – we are pushing very hard to do things useful.  Some of the biggest things that have come out of the 20% project (gmail and adsense).  20% of a Googlers time can be spent on special projects.

Things top of mind – Education search, not just in the next five minutes but help during the course of a semester or the year.  Less about short-term search and more about a path to find an answer.

Something that is way over hyped is page rank especially with the advent of real-time search.

Last question – Do you have a solution to email overload?  We are working on it…who knows what the future holds for email, may not even be email.  Could be Wave or Buzz.

Google is constantly pushing the boundaries and building applications / functions that initially they may not see the application. The hope is that one day they might solve a problem.